See you at Talk 10 & 11 Tomorrow!

October 4, 2011

After Typhoon Pedring, we’re all set for the home stretch! See you tomorrow at Shell House!


Talk 10 is next

September 27, 2011


After after a powerful night of baptism last week, learn how to grow in our faith with the Holy Spirit.

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September 14, 2011

Inviting all SFC Makati members and CLP participants. Flex your muscles for a day of FUN!


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September 5, 2011

Shell CLP Recap : Talk 3 and 4

August 31, 2011

TALK 3 : What It Means to Be A Christian

The first person was considered a traitor because he worked for the government. He served the cruel and unjust government, rather than help the poor and abused people of his country. The laws that he put into action would make the lives of people even more miserable. The next person was just as sinful. He committed many unforgivable crimes against a great number of people. He had no guilt or conscience and he caused so much pain and suffering.

These two persons are not imaginary or fictional villains or kontrabidas in movies or telenovelas. They were actually real people that once walked the earth. They were two of the first followers of Christ. They had faults and shortcomings. They made mistakes that could not be easily forgiven or forgotten. In spite of this, they were considered Christians. They even became instruments in writing books of the Holy Bible.

It is a common misconception that Christians are perfect. However, even in the Holy Bible, we are told that Jesus had friends and disciples that led sinful lives. They were not called Christians because they were good, kind or blameless. They were called Christians because they turned their backs on their dark past to follow Jesus. An example of a Christian that has been renewed by the love of Christ is our speaker for Talk 3, Gaile Caraan.

As a long-time member of SFC, Gaile knows what it means to be a Christian. He is just as weak and vulnerable as any other person, but he is strengthened by the grace of God. This same strength has helped him resist temptation and embody the virtues of the Christian faith. He even shares that he has been practicing the tradition of Visita Iglesia, the custom of praying in at least 7 churches of Maundy Thursday, for more than 10 years. On the last Maundy Thursday, he even prayed in over 50 churches, without his own car. He took a tricycle or jeep, or walked to every single one.

Wendy Maningas, another member of SFC shared her experiences as a Christian. An obedient daughter, trustworthy sister, reliable friend and loving aunt, her faith in God was put to the test when her beloved nephew fell ill. The sickness drained their family’s physical, emotional and financial resources but instead of doubting, questioning or cursing God, they continued to trust in Him. They found comfort in His word, solace in His promises and refuge in His love. While God eventually took her nephew back into His arms in heaven, their faith still remained.

Christians do not have to be perfect, we only have to be repentant and ready to accept His overflowing grace. Once we have found new life in Christ, we will still have the same flaws and imperfections, surrounded by the same flawed and imperfect people in a flawed and imperfect world. We will still face trials, tibulations and temptations. We will still deal with despair, disappointment and depression. However, we are assured that we are saved and redeemed by the power of His healing love. We fall down because we are human, we rise again because He is God.

TALK 4 : Repentance and Faith

To repent is not just to ask for forgiveness, but to live a life worthy of forgiveness. After all, it is said in Acts 26:20, “I preached that they should repent and turn to God and prove their repentance by their deeds.” Not only do we have to apologize, our actions must also reflect our change as a person. It goes without saying that repentance can be painful, even heart breaking. There are those that feel trapped in their lives of sin. Some are in unhealthy and unhappy relationships that do not bring them closer to God. Others engage in questionable activities that such as “idle gossip” that can hurt another person’s name and reputation. There are those that continue to hold on to harmful people, things and events that they should actually let go of.

Last August 18, former SFC unit head Rommel Briones facilitated talk 4 of the CLP entitled “Repentance and Faith”. He talked not just about the importance, but the difficulty of repenting and putting one’s faith in God. Repentance and faith did not come without a hefty price for sharer A.M. Sibayan, another member of the SFC community. For her, it was a result of prayers, patience and active service in the community. A.M. talked about her personal experiences as a single mom. She told the CLP participants about her “secret” relationship that became the topic of office gossip. She also told them about how her parents separation after more than 20 years of marriage. More importantly, she  talked about how the difficulty of repentance and faith bears great reward.

Talk 6 is Next!

August 30, 2011

See you guys tomorrow, 31 August 2011, for the 6th session of Shell Christian Life Program.

Talk 5 Happens Tomorrow!

August 23, 2011

We hope to see you guys tomorrow for our 5th installment of our Christian Life Program.